What Are The Qualities Of Different CBD Hemp Strains?

cbd strain difference

Nowadays, more people are consuming cannabidiol for its many therapeutic and medical benefits like stress-reducing, anxiety reduction and pain-relieving. One of the popular methods of consumption is, inhaling vapours or vaping because of its quick effect compared to other methods. The effects and onset time depends on the strain of CBD hemp flower used, and the following are some of the best CBD strains available out there.

cbd strain difference

What Is Abacus CBD Hemp?

Abacus is a relatively new CBD hemp strain, and it is an indica dominant strain that is a cross between Sour Apple and Pebble OG. This is a cannabidiol rich strain that has 14% to 20% CBD and 0.2% to 0.3% THC and hence legal under the federal law of the US. It is very good for smoking and has a floral smell with a hint of musk and has a very unique earthy flavour to it. Besides, after smoking it leaves a good aftertaste and very suitable for those who want to consume CBD in the form of inhaling vapours for quick relief from pain, for relaxing and calmness or for recreational use.

What Is AC Diesel CBD Hemp?

AC Diesel is a sativa dominant strain that has sedative qualities with a rich terpene profile and suitable for smoking or inhaling vapours. The high concentration of terpenes gives a citrus kick along with a woody, earthy flavour lingering in your mouth after you smoke, and it has 17.5% of CBD along with 0.3% of THC. Because of this, smoking it helps to clear the mind, sedates and calms the body along with providing good sleep. Moreover, it also helps to relieve physical stress, strain and pain thereby helping to remove any kind of body discomfort as well as it keeps you alert. Therefore, this strain is ideal for those who want to avoid physical and cognitive stress during daytime.

What Is ACDC CBD Hemp?

ACDC is a sativa dominant hybrid that has high cannabidiol content, with CBD to THC ratio of 20:1 and useful to impart the complete benefits. Hence, it is useful for relief against stress, tension, restlessness, nervousness, unease or agitation. Because of the almost non-existence of THC in this strain, it is useful for our daily physical and cognitive discomforts if you can use it mindfully.

What Is Berry Blossom CBD Hemp?

Berry Blossom is a hybrid indica dominant strain from Chardonnay and Cherry Kandahar S1 strains that has more sedative effects and suitable for night-time use. It has berry, fruity aromatic fragrance and has less woody, earthy flavour giving it a more neutral taste. It is suitable for smoking and makes you calm and either gives you a deep sleep or keeps you awake. Besides, vaping it instead of smoking removes the gasoline taste and highlights more of its fruity, berry flavour.

What Is Blue Dream CBD Hemp?

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid strain made by combining Blueberry and Haze that are both indica and sativa strains. As a result, it is highly stimulating along with the relaxing qualities of the indica strain with restricted stimulation, but just enough to keep you alert removing mental stress and pressure. It is preferred by many consumers due to the quick effect giving heightened sensation for a longer period of time. Moreover, the sativa dominant nature gives improved energy levels and keeps you motivated throughout the day.

What Is Boax CBD Hemp?

Boax is a balanced and controlled type of strain having a wider terpene profile and hence useful for a wide variety of users for various needs. This is because it is a hybrid strain, having high CBD content made from Hindu Kush and Otto II strains with effects between sativa and indica strains. Hence, its effects are relaxation by calming your body and a feeling of wellbeing. Along with this, it gives you heightened concentration letting you focus at a particular task. Besides, it has sandalwood fragrance and a woody, earthy flavour when you inhale it; and when you exhale there is a subtle taste of lemon and citrus taste. On a final note those who have a low CBD tolerance level, it is better to go for other CBD hemp strain.

What Is Cannatonic CBD Hemp?

Cannatonic is an indica dominant strain popular among people because it is a good sleeping aid and has suppressant effects. Most people enjoy using it because of fast action, relaxing effects and giving a peaceful mind along with it being a potent strain that might make some couch lock. However, the effects don’t last as long as an hour and hence useful for quick relaxation. Therefore, if you are looking for a strain that gives quick-acting and short-lived effects, then cannatonic is the ideal choice.

These are some of the high CBD low THC strains and you choose them based on your requirement such as effects, flavour, onset time etc.

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